senior film!

The Valentine Wish is a collaborative project I worked on with my friend, Yuri, for our senior year. It’s a traditionally-animated film about a cupid who is an unskilled archer. As Yuri came up with the script and story, I was in charge of the color and design of the film. Together, we drew more than 2,000 drawings with multiple characters in each scene. To simply put it, it was a lot of hard work but definitely worth the experience. I still can’t believe we survived! Here’s a few colored frames from the film:


Our film will have a special screening for our school’s annual event, LAFF (LCAD Animation Film Festival). It’s open to the public and will take place @ Seven-Degrees gallery // 891 Laguna Canyon Rd // Wednesday, May 21st // 7PM. 😉


It’s a bittersweet feeling that this chapter of my life has come to a close. What a journey! As I’m writing this, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. I’m so thankful for the people I have met here, and I’m humbled to call them my friends. Next stop.. graduation!

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